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Cat Face Spiders – By Kirk Dean

In light of one our recent videos on spiders, we felt the need to spotlight a spider that is one of the more unusual that people encounter late in the season in the Boise/Nampa area.  So we are proud to introduce the Cat-Face Spider.  The Cat Face Spider is really an Orb Weaver, as their...

Lawn Fertilization in the Fall – By Kirk Dean

After the heat and pressures of summer, cooler temperatures bring a welcome respite to your lawn.  With cooler temperatures, your lawn is more able to recovers and regenerates, and gives your lawn an opportunity to store nutrients and to get ready for the winter to come. That’s why it’s important to take special care of...

Water shut off dates 2013 & what to do about it – By Kirk Dean

Irrigation districts have caused lawn care panic recently by announcing water shut off dates much earlier than usual (early October is typically the norm).  Here are the shut off dates for the several irrigation districts around town: Nampa/Meridian – September 5th Caldwell – September 25th Settlers Irrigation (Ada County) – September 5th Kuna – August...

Mouse Control – By Kirk Dean

Here are a few pictures from a mouse inspection/treatment we did in Caldwell, Idaho.  This is a teaser, a youtube video will follow…enjoy! The dead mice looks like it was somebody’s previous attempt at mouse control, there were droppings everywhere.  We also found some insulation they pulled together to make a nest!    

Rodent Control

Rodent Control – By Kirk Dean Early this morning I got a phone call from a customer about a certain unwelcome visitor that was found in the bathtub overnight.  What kind of visitor, you ask?  A kind of visitor that you don’t ever want to find in your bathtub in the morning….and no it’s not...

Spider Control Myth #1 – By Kirk Dean

I originally was going to use this blog post to write about ant control, but just as I got into the office today in Nampa, I was shown a sign that changed my mind!  The sign came in the form of one of the biggest spiders I’ve ever seen crawl out from under my desk. ...

Lawn mowing guidlines – By Kirk Dean

This week I received multiple phone calls from concerned customers about lots of weeds near the borders of their lawn.  After doing several inspections, I found that these lawns were edged and trimmed too short!  I was both alarmed and relieved at what I found (relieved because it turned out we weren’t doing such a...

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