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Common Earwigs & Millipedes


Earwigs are dark reddish brown, about 5/8 of an inch long, and are easily identified by pinchers at the end of the body. Earwigs feed on decaying matter, though some feed on other insects or live plants. Earwigs live in mulch beds, under rocks, wood, or other debris. They are active at night and are attracted to lights. Earwigs are driven indoors by heat and cold and are present in large numbers in the summer and fall.


Also known as a roly-poly bug, pillbugs are small crustaceans commonly near damp ground where decaying vegetable matter is found. Pillbugs can roll into a ball for protection when in danger or disturbed. Pillbugs are sometimes mistaken for Billbugs, an insect that damages lawns.


Millipedes are brown insects that have many sets of legs. Reaching 1 1/2 inches long, these insects feed on vegetable matter, mainly matter that is dead or decaying. They are attracted to damp ground, thatch, compost, and sometimes inside, particularly basements. Millipedes are occasionally confused with dangerous centipedes and do not have a poisonous bite.

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