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The most common termite found in the Treasure Valley is the western subterranean termite. These termites build their base in damp soil near a source of wood, such as piles of boards on the ground, tree stumps, or even underneath bark used for landscaping. The king and queen remain underground, while the workers branch out searching for the next source of wood, which in more cases than not, ends up being the wood framing of your house. If you encounter termites in your house or on your property, call Barrier Pest Control. Whatever you do, DO NOT DISTURB THEM. Due to the worker termites’ acute survival instincts, if they are shaken up at all they will move to a different area secretly and start destroying it. Avoid spraying the infested area with chemicals or other home remedies, as it will ultimately have no effect on the termite problem since the queen is still in the colony base underground.

Termite Prevention & Extermination with Sentricon®

We use the most effective way to both PREVENT and EXTERMINATE termites, the Sentricon® termite baiting system. This method gets to the root of the problem—the termite queen. A termite queen can live for up to 25 years and product 2,000 eggs a day. Once she is gone, the rest of the colony can’t survive without her. The bait used in this process has been proven to be 10 times more desirable than the wood they are feeding on. The termites will flock to it, devour it, and bring it back the queen thus killing the entire colony.

Again, we use the Sentricon® termite baiting system to prevent termites, as well as exterminate existing infestations. If you have seen termites in or around your home, or want to prevent an infestation from ever happening, contact us today! Don’t delay. Termites can cause significant damage to your home and property.

Termite Inspection

In-depth Inspection of Home For Signs of Termites
  • Required for VA and FHA Home Loans

Preventative Maintenance Plan

Home Has No Known Termites
  • $399 down payment includes termite inspection

Extermination and Maintenance Plan

Home Has Existing Termite Problems
  • $599 down payment includes termite inspection