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Pests! They’ll Be the Death of Me

Pests: They’ll be the death of me!

Last summer I was caught in a petrifying face-off with a snake in my own backyard. The sheer terror of that

 encounter still sends chills down my spine. But hold on, my friends. This story isn’t just about my near-death experience but an underlying issue that impacts everyone – PESTS!

The Snake Incident: A Wake-up Call!

Sitting in the tranquility of my garden, tending to my flowers, never did I expect to face the terror of a snake playing footsie with me. My heart raced, and I can’t tell you how I landed in the middle of my yard, pulling off a series of stunts that would make any stuntman green with envy. This ordeal wasn’t just a roller-coaster for me, but my poor husband was left alone to deal with the weed menace.

The Larger Issue: Pests and Their Health Risks

My story could be a humorous anecdote to lighten your day, but it points to a much larger issue – the health risks posed by pests. These aren’t just confined to my little garden or household, but they impact entire families, neighborhoods, and communities.

The Environmental Protection Agency has listed several pests, including cockroaches, rodents, mosquitoes, lice, and ticks, which could potentially cause severe health issues. And guess what, most of these pests are closer to you than you think, right here in the Treasure Valley!

Creepy Invaders: The Tale of Bedbugs

Let’s discuss bedbugs, the sneaky invaders that slip into your life unnoticed. Remember that movie about a creepy man hiding in a house, quietly invading the family’s life, and causing havoc? Bedbugs are no different! They hide, wait for you to fall asleep, and then make your bed their playground.

These bloodsuckers often follow you, from work to stores, from church to movies, making you feel helpless, unable to protect your loved ones. Yes, they do cause allergic reactions, but the real issue is the invasion. You need to pull out the big guns to tackle these pests, and who better to call than Barrier Pest Control?

Mosquitos: The Tiny Vampires

Mosquitos, the miniature vampires, aren’t just annoying but carry a host of diseases. West Nile virus, malaria, yellow and dengue fever, are some of the deadly illnesses spread by these airborne vermin. Yes, they need to be put in their place!

Lice: The Indiscriminate Pests

Unlike humans, lice do not discriminate. They are equally fond of everyone’s blood, whether you bathe regularly or not. And your children aren’t immune either! Epidemic typhus, trench fever, epidemic relapsing fever, itching – these are just some problems caused by lice. Remember, lice like teenagers too. So, watch out for group selfies, school dances, and other teenage activities!

Ticks: Your Personal Chocolate Pudding Vat

Ticks also find a meal inside you, filling up as if you’re their personal vat of chocolate pudding. These crawlies are famous for causing Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Be careful, especially if you frequent tick-prone areas. Also, beware of the Lone Star tick, which can make you allergic to bacon, steak, and baby-back ribs!

The Ultimate Solution: Barrier Pest Control

It’s not about being scared to death but taking the necessary steps to protect yourself and your loved ones. This is where Barrier Pest Control comes in. We are here with our extensive pest control services, equipped with the ‘big guns’ you need to keep your environment pest-free. Don’t wait for a snake in your garden or a bedbug in your bed; call us today @ (208)463-4533!

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