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Tackling Boxelder Bugs: Effective Strategies for Pest Control

Introduction: Boxelder bugs, those pesky critters that swarm around boxelder and maple trees and occasionally find their way into our homes, can be a nuisance. While vinegar and dish soap solutions may offer some temporary relief, it’s essential to understand that these options have limited effectiveness. To indeed keep boxelder bugs at bay, it’s advisable …

The invasion is upon us! – Boxelder Bugs

Boxelder Bugs: Understanding and Preventing Home Invasions No matter the season, boxelder bugs can become unwelcome guests in our homes. These insects seek shelter indoors, often causing annoyance and frustration for homeowners. Let’s delve into the world of boxelder bugs, shedding light on their behavior, characteristics, and, most importantly, practical strategies to keep them at …

Elm Seed Bugs – From Europe to your home since 2012

The Treasure Valley is heating up… …and all its inhabitants, from the creepy crawlers to the humans, are becoming more active! What does this mean for Barrier Pest Control? Phones are ringing off the hook, our licensed technicians are helping customers feel safer, our office staff is busy meeting everyone’s needs, and our door-to-door sales …

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