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Bed Bugs, Cockroaches and Fleas

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What do they all have in common besides being a nuisance and giving people the heebie-jeebies? Each of them enter the home through various means.  Most typically, bed bugs enter the home on the purchase of a used mattresses or other furniture, on guests, or they’re picked up during travel. When you travel its best to take a small flashlight and inspect the hotel rooms you’ll be staying in. Take the bed apart and use your flash light and check the bead around the mattress and box spring for black and/or red or rust colored spots.  Lift the mattress and box spring off the bed frame and check the frame. Next take the drawers out of the dressers and night stands and check in and out of them.  Last but not least, look at the suit case stand, especially around the webbing that holds it together. If you find bedbugs, request another room!  Even your friends, who may not even be aware that they have bedbugs, can bring them to your home. They fall off their clothing and are left on your furniture. 

Cockroaches are usually brought in in boxes and bags from stores and corner fruit-stands. They may wander over from a neighbors home. They travel along plumbing pipes and up through drains.  I have even seen them brought into the home from a garage sale purchase.  They may travel on your kiddo after playing at a friend’s who has them. 

Fleas.  Have you ever taken you pet to the desert or mountains to play?  Do they go to dog parks, doggie daycare or a boarding kennel?  These are some of the ways fleas can infiltrate your yard or home.  A feral cat or squirrels and other wild animals may bring them into the yard. A good routine of checking your animals is wise.

Again what do all of these bugs have in common? They are brought into the home by various ways.  Which can be a little unnerving.  So what do you do if you find these critters?  Call Barrier Pest Control, to have your home completely treated. With the proper treatment and following the exact instructions, these pesky critters will be eliminated from your home!

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