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The Wind scorpion is a predatory arachnid which is related to spiders. It is also known as such the camel spider or the sun spider.  It is indisputable that they look positively prehistoric and scary!

Though people can greatly exaggerate the size of these arachnids, Wind Scorpions in the Boise area can only grow up about 2 inches in length.  Though to some that still is huge, 2 inches is small compared to the exaggerated claims that float about in cyberspace!

Wind scorpions are actually pretty common in the Boise area, though they are most often found in the more desert landscapes of the Treasure Valley.  Barrier technicians most often see them in Marsing, Homedale, Emmett and other surrounding areas.

Wind Scorpions can feed on spiders, insects and other living small creatures such as lizards. They are more active at night but can be seen moving around during the day. They are often seen on paths and roads. Though not common, Wind Scorpions can sometimes come indoors.  More often than not, though, they will find their way into open garage doors, etc.  They often remain hidden under stones and other objects. The female can lay a total of 50 eggs in a burrow which is dug into the soil. She will guard the burrow until the eggs hatch.  Despite their fierce look, they are completely harmless to people. They only bite in self-defense when provoked. Their bites have no poison and will not cause serious injuries.

Like spiders, Wind Scorpions can be taken care of pretty simply.  Regular pest treatments will do the trick!