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How to Prevent a Pest Infestation


I had arrived at a customer’s house for their regular service and asked if they were having any pest issues.  The customer replied, “For the first time, we have mice, and I don’t know why.”  I told the customer that while I was treating their exterior, I would keep an eye out for where mice might be coming from.  Their house was bordered by an irrigation canal and by their back fence were large piles of popcorn.  When I discussed the popcorn with the customer, they told me it was to feed the squirrels; however, that popcorn was also a fantastic food supply for mice.  This is an example of creating an environment that can cause your house to become an infested with pests.

At another house, the residents had moved an old couch to their back porch.  Most likely they intended to have a place to sit and enjoy their backyard, but again this a case where they have inadvertently given bugs and rodents a new home.  These examples are seemingly endless, another house was also dealing with mice.  They were in an area with fields on all sides, and one of their children left an open bag of potato chips in their backyard.

Any effectiveness in pest control in the Boise area needs to include making sure that your environment is not allowed to become a haven for pests.  You as a homeowner need to be active in preventing conditions that lead to harboring pests.  For example, rodents are mammals, and for survival, they need food, water, and shelter.  This includes where you store things.  One client had mice in their garage.  This was mostly due to melting snow creating large puddles of water and their sleeping bags being kept on the floor in a corner.  The mice had a water source, and by chewing into the sleeping bags, they could stay warm even though the garage was cold.  Therefore, if you as a homeowner want a pest free home, be aware of creating habitats that are ideal for pest’s survival.

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Written by Ozzy of Barrier Pest Control

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