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Keeping Pests Out This Winter

To treat or not to treat…that is the question! We’re not talking about whether to sneak that last piece of pie. We’re talking about that age old question…”Why do I need my winter quarterly pest treatment? Surely everything has died off!”

Let us state by saying, if everything were to die off in the winter Barrier Pest would have no reason to exist! Although it may be teeth-chattering, long-john wearing temperatures out there, not all pests simply die off in the winter. In fact, they could be creeping right up as close to you as possible, trying to sneak a piece of that ever dwindling pie! And why wouldn’t they? Your house is as snug as a bug in a rug! Warmth and food…what every creature craves in the winter. Spiders, ants, and mice are year round intruders. Granted, some insects and spiders slow down into what’s called diapause. It’s similar to but not quite a hibernation. But they’ve created little sacs of baby spiders that are growing and staying warm until it warms up a little at which time they’ll be crawling all over the place. By keeping that winter barrier active those little guys will have a much less chance of survival!

This brings us to the second reason it’s so important to continue with your winter service. Our treatments are designed to be applied to your home every three months in order to keep a constant, working barrier…think of it as a forcefield if you will. After three months (sometimes sooner depending on weather, infestations etc.) the forcefield becomes weaker and weaker, and if not reapplied, leaves your home vulnerable to invaders!!! (Like those spiders currently in diapause and egg sacs.) We don’t want you to get to that point before we treat again! And isn’t that why you hire a pest company? So you DON’T have to see them? Now, if you’ve kept up on your quarterly service you’ve nothing to fear!!

So do yourself a favor and eat that last piece of pie, snuggle up in that blanket and have no fear that intruders are making their way into your home…as long as you have Barrier Pest Control!! Contact us today to see how we can help you keep the pests out this winter.

Written by Marie of Barrier Pest Control

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