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Help!! My Toasty Oh’s are crawling!!

CC Photo Courtesy of: Pascal

Emerging from my slumber, I turned off the obnoxious ringtone from my alarm clock and made my way to the pantry. I reached for the box of Frosted Mini Wheats, pour the milk, and begin to take the first bite. But just as I bring the spoon to my mouth, I see something floating in the milk….what is that???

Ugh! This is not how I intended to start my day! A bug in my cereal!  Where do these pests come from? Why are they in my beloved cereal, and how on earth do I get rid of them??

Sound familiar? I know many of you have had this experience. Maybe it was cereal, rice or flour. But have no fear, it can be easily remedied!

Indian Meal Moths & Dermestid Beetles are a couple of common pests that regularly infest food items in the Boise area.  Theses pests are often referred to as ‘Pantry Pests.’  The Indian Meal Moth, if given the opportunity, will make a buffet out of stored foods such as cereals, grains, flours, baking mixes, and even dry dog/cat food. They do not discriminate, and can be found year round in even the tidiest of homes. Any opened package is fair game and adults and given the opportunity they can multiply quickly given the perfect environment – a warm home with a plentiful food supply.

Dermestid Beetles, often called Carpet Beetles, are very similar in that they flourish in the same environment, warmth and food.  In addition, they also tend to target food sources such as pet fibers, taxidermy mounts, and natural fabrics. In an infestation, we commonly can find the cast (shed skin) in areas where they are reproducing and feeding.

So what do you do when you discover that there’s an infestation? First off, find where the problem is. If food is being targeted, remove everything of that food type from cupboards and pantry and throw it away.  Call me crazy, but I’m a little sensitive in that I’d rather not have the added protein in whatever I’m cooking!  Once everything has been removed, vacuum any crumbs and wipe down all the shelves with a damp rag. At that point, a professional can come in and treat the pantry and kitchen areas. Once you have a clean start, place opened packages in seal tight containers to avoid infestation in the future.

With Carpet Beetles, you need to take the same approach.  Start with their food source. Once pinpointed, vacuum all carpeted area, rugs, and upholstered furniture. Being especially diligent along floorboards. Wash all clothing, and keep bagged until after treatment has been done.

Now you can enjoy those Lucky Charms without fear! 

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Article written by Marie.

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