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Alien Elm Seed Bugs

Have you heard of the latest Facebook event?  As of this writing, 1.5 million people have signed up for storming Area 51 in Nevada.  Conspiracy theorists believe that the government has kept UFOs and Extraterrestrial life at the location. The event is called, “Storm... read more

What Are Rock Chucks?

What are rock chucks and what do they do? The proper name for them is “Yellow Bellied Marmots” or the scientific name is Marmota Flaviventris. The more important question is what will they do to my property? They eat both meat and greens. Most of their diet is grass... read more

Pesky Rock Chucks

Do you have yellow bellied marmots or more scientifically Marmota flaviventris?  That’s highfalutin technical talk for rock chucks.  Do you have rock chucks in the yard?  Are there rock chucks in your rocks? Are those rock chucks just rockin’ your life?  They don’t... read more

Barrier Pest Control Technicians

  I have been working in the pest control business for over a year now and these last two years in Idaho have been pretty busy. The weather has made the ants, wasps, flies, mosquitos, and elm seed bugs super active. Mild winters make for a very productive spring... read more

Barrier Pest: A Spider’s Angel

Dear Barrier Pest Control, Maybe you’ll remember me.  My name is Webster.  I’m the web designing spider that wrote to to you asking for leniency after I found out the person I accidentally caught in my web hired you to terminate me, my friends and family. You... read more

Billbug Preventative Treatment

As temperatures in the Treasure Valley begin to hover around 60°F or above (May to early June) adult billbugs will emerge from the ground and start mating.  The female will lay her eggs in grass stems and within a few days they will hatch and enter the larvae... read more

Pets and Pest Control

                                                               We are often asked if our general pest control treatments are safe for the family pet. After all, a recent study found that more than half of Idaho households own at least one dog. We can assure you, we... read more
How We Deal With Bed Bugs

How We Deal With Bed Bugs

Kirk and I recently did a podcast about (among other things) our experiences in dealing with bed bugs here in Idaho.  As expected, we were all over the place topic-wise.  If you listened you might have heard, ”Geez Kirk, why don’t you stop cutting me off,” or maybe,... read more

More Than Killing Bugs

As a pest control technician, I have come to appreciate my job in more than one way. Working with clients to solve problems and discover solutions to fit each individual’s home, makes working with the Barrier family a fulfilling experience. When you have been... read more