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How to Keep Mice Out of Your Home

  I vaguely remember a storybook from my childhood about a mouse in a house and all of his adventures. I remember looking at the cute pictures, like a little mouse curled up on someone’s pillow and one where he made confetti, for a party, out of some paper. If... read more

It’s Mice Season in Boise

With the onset of January comes one of the most unpredictable times of the year for weather.  One day it may be a high in the teens and the next the low can be in the high thirties, mimicking spring weather.  With this level of volatility comes massive swings in pest... read more

Christmas Trees, Spiders and More!

Many of you may have seen the beautiful ornate spider ornaments that hang daintily on the Christmas tree, but have you ever heard of the reason behind it? I hadn’t myself but was intrigued. Working in pest control, all we hear from people are how frightened they are... read more