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Sleepless In New Hampshire

I grew up having the best childhood a kid could ask for! My family lived on 99 acres of beautiful New Hampshire ground. Much of the property was wooded with tall oak and maple trees. There were tall grasses and plenty of ponds and creeks to splash and play in as a... read more

Summer’s Heating Up and So Are Pests

It seems so unfair that in the winter, when we have energy to go running, we’re scared of breaking our tailbones on the ice. So we put it off until the summer.  Summer comes and we pass out on a neighbor’s lawn a block down the road.  Fine. Back to winter work-outs.... read more


I am not a fan of spiders. I’ll watch a spider all day to make sure it doesn’t hide before I can point it out to my husband so he can get rid of for me. I know to some this sounds ridiculous but it’s a real struggle I’ve lived with my entire life. Occasionally, I’ll... read more
Barrier Pest Control is Hiring!

Barrier Pest Control is Hiring!

Ladies and Gentlemen of Boise and Surrounding Treasure Valley Cities… Barrier Pest Control is Hiring!   We are so blessed to have such wonderful customers and to belong to such an amazing community with a growing demand for our services. Currently we are... read more