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Crickets sometimes invade homes and structures, becoming pesky, noisy, and often destructive pests.  There are two types of crickets common to the Boise, Idaho area:  Field Crickets and House Crickets.

Crickets are often known by the noise they make.  Crickets make this ‘chirping’ sound by rubbing their wings together.  Males are most likely the culprit of this sound, as they use the noise to attract females to mate.

House Crickets are 3/4 inch long  with 3 dark bands on the head and long, thin antennae.  The body is light yellowish brown.  It is active at night, is an omnivore, feeding on virtually anything.  They are attracted to moisture, and areas like basements, crawl spaces, mulch areas, etc. are common areas of habitat.  More than just giving off an annoying sound, House Crickets can also do damage.  Crickets do damage by feeding on taxidermy, fur, leather, silk, wool, and other non-synthetic fabrics.

The Field cricket is larger than a house cricket.  They are usually darker also, typically dark brown to gray to black.  They feed on organic matter and though they invade homes from time to time, they cannot survive long, as they have nothing to eat in large supply.

Normal measures like proper watering and maintenance of landscaping, keeping doors and windows properly sealed and closed and decreasing clutter indoors and out are necessary.  Other ideas to reduce populations can be decreasing the amount of humidity inside, avoiding spills, and reducing odors from trash receptacles, etc.  As always, regular pest control treatments, particularly perimeter treatments, are necessary for crickets and are recommended to prevent them from entering structures.