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Who left the hose out?!

CC Photo courtesy of: ALAN SCHMIERER

“Who left the hose out?!”  Bumb-dee-bum bum-bum “Who left the hose out?!”  A song with changed words rolls through my head as I treat another yard with dead grass path and holes made by voles

The window of my work truck is down on this beautiful 61 degree spring day during the first week of February.  Music is blaring out of my two truck speakers… okay, no, no it’s not.  My truck radio isn’t working.  I’ve been stuck in my own head for a week with no talk radio (yep, I’m old) as I drive to my customers homes and businesses.  Obviously, I’ve been by myself too long without AM radio interaction, because I now amuse myself by coming up with songs about vole paths and playing with customer’s dogs who were basking in the sun moments before I interrupted their sleep by entering into their back yard domain to sweep spider webs, treat bugs, spiders, and various other critters.

The dead grass paths I am singing about are left in the lawn by voles traveling back and forth, basically a shallow tunnel system.  Vole activity looks like someone has left a hose laying on the ground for a week, then picked it up.  The difference is, there was no hose, and unless the vole problem is solved, you will find holes with vole-highways of dead grass.  Generally, you can conclude that the more holes and paths you see, the more voles you have.

Voles are small herbivorous rodents.  Meaning they eat root systems, grasses, and plants.  They are slightly longer than a mouse but with a shorter tail.  They will create little holes about the size of a quarter in grass, under rocks, fences, and a favorite I’ve seen recently, under cement patios or driveways.  The little critters also love to run the track between grass and decorative curbing.  Voles are often mistaken for mice.  Mice however, like dog food or things they find in your kitchen for a snack and a warm nap in your house or garage, whereas voles love a dirt hole and a fine root salad made from your lawn and greenery.

The good news about voles?  We can take care of them for you, and your grass will grow back!  So, if you are looking at your lawn wondering “Who left the hose out?”, but there isn’t a hose is sight; let us know.  We are happy to assist.  Oh, I may play fetch with your dog, but I promise not to sing! 

Written by: Dee Dee

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