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Mice on the Rise

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With cold winter weather we occasionally get uninvited, thieving guests that come into our homes and go unnoticed. Those unwanted guests include spiders and other insects, but the most damaging to our homes are MICE!!

Mice scratch and chew holes in your walls to build nests where they will soon birth their pups. Mice chew wiring and insulation to put in their nests. If you’d like to prevent the possible need to hire a repairman to come fix your cables so you can watch the football game, I’d suggest getting a service to help you and your family out!

Mice come into our homes not only for shelter from the weather but also for food and water. I mean why not?? Free food! Free shelter! That’s heaven for anyone or thing!!

This is the season for many pests, however if you thought your house was quiet and nothing was stirring not even a MOUSE you could be very wrong! Matter of fact: mice are nocturnal, meaning they do most of their rummaging through your food at night. Just a few more facts about these unwanted guests.

  1. They have collapsible spines. Most mice, if not full on your food can squeeze through a hole the size of a #8 pencil! That’s roughly the size of a dime!
  2. They start their breeding cycles at ages 6-8 weeks old!
  3. The lifespan of a female mouse is about 18 months. She can produce 300-400 pups in her life7me!
  4. This can be alarming. Especially if you have kids in the house. Mice carry many diseases including the growing, deadly disease called Hantavirus. According to the Centers of Disease Control, between January and July of 2017 there were 728 documented Hantavirus cases in the United States. Many of those were in Idaho and the surrounding states.

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