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Common Rodents


Deer mice (or field mice) are brown with a white underbelly and feet.  Deer mice tend to nest outdoors, in sheds, long grass, debris, etc., and rarely enter inside.  When they do, typical nesting sites are in garages, attics, and crawl spaces.  They feed on nuts, berries, or insects but will feed on human food as it is available.  Deer mice are carriers of the Hantavirus, a dangerous pulmonary syndrome.


House mice are light to dark brown and are most comfortable indoors, where they commonly infest.  House mice do not carry  Hantavirus, but their droppings and urine can be allergenic and sometimes accompanied by parasitic organisms like ticks and fleas.  Detection for mice is relatively simple:  Wherever droppings are, there are mice.  Under sinks, under stoves, corners of garages, pantry floors, and closets are areas to inspect for possible mice activity.


Voles (also known as meadow mice) are very similar to mice, only longer; typically, adults reach up to 7 inches long. These rodents live outdoors and rarely infest inside. They primarily feed on seeds, creating characteristic runways on the ground’s surface among grass or other materials. Voles also burrow, leaving silver dollar-sized holes in the ground. Unlike gophers, voles do not create mounds of dirt as they tunnel.


Gophers are relatively large rodents that tunnel through the ground, leaving large mounds of dirt on the ground’s surface in their wake.  Traditionally, gophers are found in rural areas near alfalfa or other agricultural fields but can often be found in turf grass in urban areas.  Left unchecked, gophers can feed on and kill ornamental plants and cause unsightly dirt mounds in otherwise carefully manicured lawns.

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