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Common treasure valley Spiders


The Black widow spider is primarily known for their dark, shiny body with the characteristic red hourglass shape on the underside of the abdomen.  They spin their irregular webs under woodpiles, along foundation walls, and in vegetation and may occasionally enter homes or structures.  Their bit is dangerous; the venom is known to be one of the most toxic among all spiders in the world.


The hobo spider is one of the more feared in the Treasure Valley.  A large spider can reach an overall length of 2 inches.  They weave funnel-like webs in rubbish piles, near foundations, under wood or rocks, or vegetation.  The hobo spider is typically brown to light brown, hairy, fast, and has two boxing-glove-type polyps that protrude from the front of the body.  Hobo spider bites result in a necrotic lesion that essentially kills the tissue surrounding the bite, which is very painful and severe.


Jumping spiders are known for   Their prominent multiple eye sets and jumping, as their namesake suggests.  These spiders differ in color, varying from black to brown to gray and hairy.  Jumping spiders are active and successful hunters, not relying on webs to trap prey but using their quickness and ability to jump on unsuspecting insects.  Not dangerous to humans, jumping spiders are typically classified as nuisance pests often seen in vegetation, near windows, or other areas close to insects that could provide an easy meal.


In Idaho, wolf spiders are often confused with hobo spiders.  Though coloration is usually the same (light to dark brown), they are different and not nearly as dangerous.  Typically a little smaller than hobos, their adult length is maximum only slightly longer than an inch.  They are hunting spiders, depending on their quickness to find prey.   They are often found under wood or rocks, wood piles, under litter, etc.  The wolf spider bite can cause redness and mild irritation but nowhere near the severity of a hobo or black widow bite.

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