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The Mountain Home, Idaho pest control experts at Barrier Pest Control can help you and your family extract a unwanted house guests. Give us a call or talk to us online and we can set up an appointment to evict your pesky home squatters. From our Mountain Home office, we proudly serve residents of Mountain Home, Grand View, Bruneau, Glenns Ferry, Pine, and Featherville.

Common Mountain Home Idaho House Pests

Idaho’s rich biodiversity includes a wide variety of insects and rodents including venomous spiders and a number of stinging insects. In addition to insects, there are mice and rats as well. The following highlights some of the common pests in the Mountain Home area and why they could spell greater trouble for you and your family.

    • Ants. Ants may be among the least feared insects, but they do post risks to both your property and your home, depending on the breed. Generally, an ant here or there can be kept at bay with a well-placed shoe or a newspaper. A full-blown infestation can damage and contaminate your dry foods, destroy wood structures in the home, and some can sting or bite. If you have a large infestation, you should call your local Mountain Home bug control specialists and we can ensure they are removed safely and efficiently.
    • Termites. Termites are attracted to moisture in the wood of your home. Infestations are rare in Mountain Home, but they can be introduced to your home by bringing in infested wood from other areas in the Northwest and leaving that wood next to your home. Termites can cause serious damage to your home if left untreated. A casual glance may reveal no signs of a termite infestation at all, though termites do leave signs that there has been an infestation. It does, however, require that you know what you’re looking for. Termites are no joke. They account for billions of dollars worth of damage to residential homes each year. If you have a termite infestation, call the professionals at Barrier Pest Control and we will minimize the damage these nasty buggers can do.
    • Bed bugs. While bed bugs aren’t the most dangerous household pest in the world, I bet if you asked most people which kind of pest they hate the most it’d be bed bugs. That’s because bed bugs feed on you while you’re asleep leaving characteristic markings on your skin—three small bites in a trail. To top it off, they are very difficult to get rid of and most DIY methods can prove effective against the bed bugs themselves, but they don’t take care of the eggs left behind. In addition, it isn’t just beds that they latch onto for the purposes of feeding. They like wood, clothing, carpets and more. Even for professional exterminators, bed bugs pose a challenge. Don’t waste time and money trying to remove a bed bug infestation yourself. Call the professionals at Barrier Pest Control.
    • Cockroaches. No single insect fills humankind with more revulsion than the cockroach. This is largely because cockroaches are a sign of unsanitary conditions. While cockroaches can be attracted to a home for any number of reasons, they are difficult to remove because they survive extreme conditions. They can last for weeks without eating anything and for this reason, have been scientifically shown to be able to survive without their heads until their body starves. In addition, they can cause serious problems for those with allergies—especially children. They can also contaminate foods by tracking e. coli from one place to another. Managing a cockroach infestation is not easy. Professional pest control technicians will focus on finding out how the cockroaches invaded your home to prevent future outbreaks after we’ve removed the primary infestation.
    • Fleas. If your pets have fleas it’s important to take them to the vet immediately and ensure that the problem is eradicated before returning them home. Fleas take a mighty toll on our furry loved ones and can make them lethargic, sick, and, in some cases, they can die. That being said, they aren’t easy to get rid of though, luckily, there is more than one way to get rid of a flea. Skinning your cat, however, is not among them.
    • Silverfish. Silverfish are gross little buggers that can go weeks without food. Once they find a good supply, however, they’re unlikely to give it up. They like the warm temperate climates of your average Idaho home in winter and feed on paper, cardboard, wallpaper, carpets, and linens.
    • Carpet beetles. It doesn’t take a lot of mental effort to figure out what carpet beetles like to eat. If you guessed carpet, you’re right. Carpet beetles eat carpet. These pests resemble ladybugs but are nowhere near as charming. They are a destructive nuisance that damages carpets and other types of fabrics. A professional pest control service will ensure that the carpet beetles are removed and don’t come back.
    • Wasps. Wasps look like flying stingers and are generally terrifying. Those who get stung by wasps generally don’t feel very good afterward. Wasps stings are painful, and worse, they like to make nests in residential sheds, attics, and other places. Instead of trying to remove the wasps’ nest yourself, you might want to consider having it removed by a professional.
    • Spiders. Most spiders are not poisonous and don’t require trips to the hospital. In fact, spiders can be a good way to control other types of pests in your home. On the other hand, most people are terrified of spiders and the spiders would not, in fact, have set up camp in your home unless there was an adequate supply of other buggers to feed on. If you’re worried about a spider problem, Barrier Pest Control can take a look and ensure that other issues that a spider infestation may be a symptom of are kept at bay. The best way to get rid of spiders is to get rid of their food supply.

Non-Insectoid Household Pests

While insects and arachnids make up the bulk of what we consider to be household pests, we should not discount other kinds of pests that can be every bit as destructive. These include:

  • Mice. Mice breed quickly and sustain themselves on just about anything. When they get into your home, it’s largely through your basement or some other avenue that isn’t properly blocked off from the outside world. They can get into your walls, chew through your electrical wiring, and destroy just about anything. For major infestations, mouse traps simply aren’t going to cut it. Plus, now you have to clean a dead mouse. Gross! Barrier Pest Defense will identify areas that are being exploited by mice and ensure that the mouse problem that you do have is eradicated.
  • Rats. Both rats and mice are major vectors for disease. The bubonic plague is believed to have been spread by rats. If you’re bitten by a rat, an infection can begin soon after. Typical signs are fever, nausea, rashes, and other flu-like symptoms. You should get to a hospital immediately and take aims to eradicate the rat’s nest in your home.

Barrier Pest Control Guarantees Eradication of Your Infestation

Regardless of what pests are occupying your Idaho home, Barrier Pest Control has a solution to your problems. In some cases, we will need to make multiple visits to your house to ensure that the problem is taken care of—but it will be taken care of. We service homes, yards, businesses, and more. We make sure that the job is done professionally, safely, and correctly.

We Safely Remove Household Pests

We are certified and insured to handle the occasionally dangerous chemicals required to remove certain kinds of pests. In the event that we require the use of these chemicals, you and your family will have to vacate the premises for a short period of time. If we can avoid using chemicals that require your family be off-premises while the extermination is being conducted, we do. We’re committed to ensuring the best service at a reasonable cost and following all established safety features both required by law and beyond.

Winter is Coming

To borrow a phrase from the hit T.V. show, winter is coming. In the fall and throughout the winter, many pests will move into warmer climates to avoid the cold. In addition, it’s never too early to prepare for winter. By ensuring that the exterior of your home is shored up, you can avoid infestations before they occur. Barrier Pest Defense can provide you with tips and ideas to ensure that future infestations do not occur.

Our Pest Control Measures are Guaranteed

All of our pest control and extermination services are guaranteed. We take pride in what we do and thrive on word-of-mouth advertising and positive reviews.

Talk to a Mountain Home Pest Control Expert Today

Barrier Pest Control ensures that the job is done correctly, safely, and to your satisfaction. Our pest control technicians have the proper licenses to work with the sometimes dangerous chemicals that we use in our line of work. We minimize your family’s exposure to these chemicals and do the job correctly to avoid future infestations. Give us a call or talk to us online to set up an appointment today.



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