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The Mountain Home, Idaho, pest control experts at Barrier Pest Control can help you and your family extract unwanted house guests. With our 15+ years of experience, we can keep you and your house free of pests. Our year-round service helps with the prevention and eradication of pests and rodents. Suppose you want simple tips and tricks to keep your home from being invaded; check out our Pest Control FAQs. Please don’t hesitate to call our offices today for more extreme pest-eradication methods. We have monthly, quarterly, and annual service plans perfect for any situation.

From our Mountain Home office, we proudly serve residents of Mountain Home, Grand View, Bruneau, Glenns Ferry, and Pine.

If you have noticed an infestation of ants, hornets, rodents, or other pests around your house, we are here to help. Feel free to call or talk to us online, and we can set up an appointment to evict your pesky home squatters.

Common Mountain Home Idaho House Pests

Idaho’s rich biodiversity includes various insects and rodents, including venomous spiders and several stinging insects. In addition to insects, there are mice and rats as well. The following highlights some common pests in the Mountain Home area and why they could spell more significant trouble for you and your family.



Silverfish are gross little buggers that can go weeks without food. However, once they find a good supply, they’re unlikely to give it up. They like the warm temperate climates of your average Idaho home in winter and feed on paper, cardboard, wallpaper, carpets, and linens.

Non-Insectoid Household Pests

While insects and arachnids make up the bulk of what we consider household pests, we should not discount other kinds of pests that can be destructive. These include:


Barrier Pest Control Guarantees Eradication of Your Infestation

Regardless of what pests are occupying your Idaho home, Barrier Pest Control has a solution to your problems. In some cases, we will need to make multiple visits to your house to ensure that the issue is resolved—but it will be taken care of. We service homes, yards, businesses, and more. We guarantee the job is done professionally, safely, and correctly.

We Safely Remove Household Pests

We are certified and insured to handle the occasionally dangerous chemicals required to remove certain pests. If we need these chemicals, you and your family must vacate the premises temporarily. If we can avoid using chemicals that require your family to be off-premises while the extermination is being conducted, we do. We’re committed to ensuring the best service at a reasonable cost and following all established safety features required by law and beyond.

Winter is Coming

To borrow a phrase from the hit T.V. show, winter is coming. Many pests will move into warmer climates in the fall and winter to avoid the cold. In addition, it’s never too early to prepare for winter. By ensuring that the exterior of your home is shored up, you can avoid infestations before they occur. Barrier Pest Defense can provide tips and ideas to ensure that future infestations do not happen.

Our Pest Control Measures are Guaranteed

All of our pest control and extermination services are guaranteed. We take pride in our work and thrive on word-of-mouth advertising and positive reviews.

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Barrier Pest Control ensures that the job is done correctly, safely, and to your satisfaction. Our pest control technicians have the proper licenses to work with the sometimes dangerous chemicals we use in our work. We minimize your family’s exposure to these chemicals and do the job correctly to avoid future infestations. Give us a call or talk to us online to set up an appointment today.

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