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In all of the animal kingdom, Beetles have the largest number of species.  Typically, beetles have two pairs of wings situated toward the front that are hard and thick and provide shell like protection for the rear pair of wings.  Ground beetles are sometimes very difficult to identify, due to the very large number of species.  Ground Beetles do not pose any sort of health risk or safety concern or pose any threat to structures, but can be unnerving to have one as an unwanted houseguest.  Some ground beetles can secrete a smelly substance from below their abdomens that can be unpleasant to say the least.

One of the more recognizable beetles in Idaho that performs this smelly stunt are Pinacate Beetles, commonly but erroneously known as a Stink Bug, shown below.


Beetles often live under bark, mulch, rocks and other debris.   Most beetles feed on plants or fungi, or otherwise scavenge for food.  Beetles rarely come indoors, though some may wander into garages, or walk out basements, etc. from time to time.  Keeping areas around your home free of debris, keeping doors and windows shut tight, and landscaping properly watered and maintained are simple ways to keep these insects out.  As always, these measures can only take you so far:  Regular perimeter treatments around your home are key to keeping beetles off of and out of your residence.  Our quarterly pest control plan is uniquely suited to protect your home and family!  If you have any questions about these insects, or need help controlling them, click here or give us a call!