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Common treasure valley ants


Pavement ants are black/brown ants that nest in and around cracks in pavement, under stones or rocks, or next
to foundations. They can be found inside also, with colonies under floors, inside walls, etc. They are very small, only 1/8 inch to 1/6 inch long. Pavement ants are unsightly and are a nuisance, often gathering around dropped food in kitchens and pantries.


Carpenter Ants are large dark bodied ants that can cause structural problems. Contrary to popular belief, carpenter ants do not eat wood, they excavate galleries for their colony’s or satellite colony’s home. Left unchecked, carpenter ant tunneling can cause serious damage that can weaken the integrity of a structure.


Harvester ants are large red ants (sometimes with brown markings) that create burrows in fields and lawns. Harvester ants are gatherers of seeds and other like materials that typically do not invade homes for food or shelter. Exceptions are during mating season when swarms of winged harvester ants mate; typically in high locations like rooftops or chimneys. Bites from harvester ants are extremely painful, especially when numerous bites take place.

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