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Ticks are blood sucking arachnids.  Ticks are common in the Boise area, but mostly as incidental pests that are often picked up by humans or pets while camping or performing other outdoor activities.  Ticks attach to hosts to suck blood, and can infect host organisms with a variety of diseases, notably Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever a & Lyme Disease.  Ticks are found in brush, long grass, forested areas, etc. but do not regularly infest residential areas.  Even when ticks are found on humans or pets, a home will not become infested beyond that which has already been found on hosts or on material brought where ticks originally attached.

To prevent tick issues, use repellents containing DEET.  These repellents can/should be applied directly to the skin, and other appropriate repellants used on socks and trouser legs.  If you are in areas known for ticks, also make sure to check yourself and your pets twice daily.  It is much better to catch them before they attach!

Birds are often the culprit in bringing tick issues to your residence.  Check for and remove any bird nests on your property as a precaution.  Also, do your best to prevent deer, squirrels, raccoons, etc., from being on your property, as they are common carriers.

If you find a tick on your dog, remove the tick safely, then get your pet treated immediately with a tick collar to prevent any further issues.

As always, consistent pest control treatments are a must to prevent and control existing tick populations.