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Rodent exclusion involves identifying access areas the animals use to enter homes and other structures and then creating barriers to keep the mice and rats outside. Rodent exclusion is very important. Rodents carry and transmit bacteria and disease that has the potential to make humans very sick. They also multiply quickly, meaning one or two can quickly turn into hundreds. If you want to keep rodents outside where they belong, it is important to speak to a rodent exclusion company that can help you do it.

Why Rodents Enter Structures

Like all animals, rodents need the basic necessities of life to survive. For rodents, those include water, food, and shelter. When the weather turns colder or there is not enough food and water in nature, rodents will attempt to enter structures to find these necessities. Food aromas from inside also make their way, enticing rodents to follow the smell and find food and water.

Certain structures within a building, such as bathroom exhaust vents and roof vents, also make an ideal place for these animals to shelter and build a nest. Some rodents, such as mice, can fit into a space as small as a dime, so they do not need a great deal of space to enter.

Once a rodent finds a structure that offers water, food, and shelter, they will continue to retreat to it. They will have their offspring in that area and soon, the entire structure may become infested. The only way to truly keep rodents from becoming an issue is to use rodent exclusion methods.

Rat and Mice Exclusion Methods

Rodent Exclusion

After spotting a rodent infestation, too many people simply lay traps and bait in the hopes of solving the problem. Unfortunately, while that may catch a stray rodent from time to time, it will not prevent animals from entering the structure. To do that, you must use rodent exclusion.

The first step to take when trying to keep rodents out of your home or business is to locate gaps and cracks in the exterior and interior. Gaps and cracks are often found in foundations, around windows and doorways, in siding, crawl spaces, and around vents. A rodent exclusion specialist can seal these to prevent rodents from entering.

For businesses and homeowners that share a wall with another tenant or property owner, the problem is much more complex. Shared walls are a hotspot for rodent activity, and the fact that your neighbor may not employ rodent exclusion methods makes it more challenging. However, a rodent exclusion specialist will identify the internal pathways to prevent rodents from entering your location.

Rodent exclusion is beneficial because it keeps animals out of a structure. It is also considered a green solution because it does not use toxic chemicals or solutions. Using simple building materials, rodent exclusion is entirely possible and safe.

Call Our Idaho Rodent Prevention Experts Today for Help Keeping Mice Out of Your Home

If you have identified a rodent problem in your home or business, our Nampa rodent exclusions experts at Barrier Pest Control are here to help. We know how to locate where rodents are entering your structure, and how to seal them off so they stay outside where they belong. Call us today at 208-463-4533 or contact us online to learn more.

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