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The Difference Between Gophers and Voles

Gophers vs. Voles: Unmasking the Culprits Behind Your Lawn Damage Introduction Hello again, folks! Chris here from Barrier Pest Control, your friendly neighborhood pest wrangler. It seems like some yard bandits are causing havoc out there, doesn’t it? This time, we’re pointing our magnifying glasses toward two suspects: Gophers and Voles. Understanding the difference between …

Beware of Gophers!

The Lowdown on Gophers in the Treasure Valley – Barrier Pest Control to the Rescue! Welcome to the world of pocket gophers, those tiny mound-makers of Boise and the greater Treasure Valley! It’s time we dish out the facts and myths surrounding these little diggers and how Barrier Pest Control can help you maintain a …

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