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It’s Mice Season in Boise

Can Mice fit through a hole...

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With the onset of January comes one of the most unpredictable times of the year for weather.  One day it may be a high in the teens and the next the low can be in the high thirties, mimicking spring weather.  With this level of volatility comes massive swings in pest activity.  When it warms up, previously dormant ants and spiders begin moving around and mice become more active.  When it cools off, pests begin to seek warmth again and may look to invade your home.  That is why it is important to maintain a consistent pest control service throughout the winter and headed into the spring, to mitigate issues throughout the cold season and reduce future issues headed into the spring.  Despite all of this, the number one problem that we continue to hear about and treat is mice.

Mice are some of the most prolific and annoying pests that we deal with.  They reproduce at an alarming rate, they require little to no water at a time, and they need even less space to pass by obstacles. To see how little space, take a peek at the video above.

The question then is, how can we prevent mice from continually getting in?  The best preventative measure to take is to seal up any gaps in your home that exceed ¼”.  Common spots to find these gaps are around garage doors and exterior doors that do not have sufficient weather stripping, vents that do not have the proper covers, and utility line entry points that are not properly sealed.  When selecting materials to seal these up, look for products that are difficult to chew through and durable.  In addition to these measures, having a consistent baiting program around the home will help reduce the overall population of mice around them to help reduce the number of potential intruders.

In all cases, no solution is fool proof.  However, these measures are the best you can take to help alleviate your issues.  Our technicians are trained and able to help you identify potential entry points and give suggestions about possible solutions to your issues while also setting up an effective baiting program to help reduce and monitor activity around your home. Contact Barrier Pest Control in Boise today.

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