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Beware of Gophers!

It is a common sight in Boise and throughout the Treasure Valley: small piles of loose soil suddenly appear in the middle of your yard-the telltale sign of a pocket gopher.  These gophers are rarely seen and live in tunnels between three and ten inches below the surface.  They are a solitary creature.  It is very rare for more than one to live in a burrow.  One gopher can create several mounds in a single day; however, a large number of piles does suggest that a colony could live on the site.  Believe it or not, they actually serve a purpose in nature, bringing subsoil to the surface which aids in water conservation and aeration of the soil. So, in a sense they could be called soil-agents.  However, in your lawn or garden, they are most likely an unwelcome pest.

Like any pest, it is helpful to know some facts.  Their breeding season starts in March and can go into late August.  Their gestational period is about 18 days, litters range from 4-7 pups, and they can have between 1-3 litters annually.  Finally, their diets mostly consist of roots, vegetables, shrubs, and earthworms.

In the past, methods of control have been limited to poisoning, trapping and fumigating.  Now we offer an explosive new control.  With the use of gases, we can flood the gopher’s tunnel and trigger a detonation.  This method provides both elimination of the gopher and collapsing of the tunnel system.  That means that other gophers cannot move into existing tunnels.  Here you can watch a collection of treatments.  Do you think this is the answer you’ve been looking for?  If so give Barrier Pest Control a call!

Blog written by Ozzy, of Barrier Pest Control.

Flickr Photo Courtesy of: Alan Schmierer

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