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Beware of Gophers!

The Lowdown on Gophers in the Treasure Valley – Barrier Pest Control to the Rescue!

Welcome to the world of pocket gophers, those tiny mound-makers of Boise and the greater Treasure Valley! It’s time we dish out the facts and myths surrounding these little diggers and how Barrier Pest Control can help you maintain a gopher-free yard.


Gophers 101: Know Thy Enemy


Beneath your feet, gophers create a network of tunnels between three and ten inches below the surface. They’re the true introverts of the animal world, preferring the company of their tunnels over their fellow gophers.

Social Behavior:

You won’t find these creatures hosting underground parties. They’re solitary by nature, and spotting more than one in a burrow is a rarity.

The Daily Grind:

One industrious gopher can be behind multiple mounds that appear in your yard in a day. However, if you notice many of these, it might hint at a larger colony beneath.


Now, here’s a twist. These creatures aren’t just mindless diggers. Bringing the subsoil up plays a role in soil aeration and water conservation. Nature’s little tillers, you could say.


Gopher Lifestyle and Habits

Breeding Bells Ringing:

Gophers aren’t just good diggers but prolific breeders, too! From March to late August, these critters are in the mood for love.

Baby Boom:

After a gestational period of roughly 18 days, a gopher can welcome a litter of 4-7 pups. And guess what? They can have up to 3 litters annually.

Diet Diary:

Contrary to popular belief, gophers aren’t just about damaging your plants. Their diet mainly includes roots, shrubs, earthworms, and, yes, occasionally, your prized vegetables.


Barrier Pest Control: Your Gopher Solution

Old-school methods like poisoning, trapping, and fumigation? They were all we had…until now.

We are introducing our game-changing gopher control solution: Tunnel detonation! We harness specific gases to flood the gopher tunnels and trigger a controlled detonation. The results?

Gopher Elimination:

The unwanted gopher issue? Consider it solved.

Tunnel Collapse:

By collapsing the tunnel system, we ensure that no other gopher considers moving in.

Safety First:

We are licensed and insured and prioritize doing things safely. You, your family, pets, and property are in safe hands with us.


Why Choose Barrier Pest Control?

Commitment You Can Trust:

At Barrier Pest Control, your comfort is our priority. You won’t get surprise visits or hidden charges. Our promises aren’t mere words but the ethos that guides our services.

Quarterly Pest Control Service:

Our QPC service isn’t a one-size-fits-all. With our 1-year agreement, not only do you get four scheduled appointments, but we also offer free retreatments between them.

We’re Just a Call Away:

Whether it’s a query or a gopher emergency, we answer every call during business hours. Missed us? Expect a return call the very next morning.

Are you intrigued by our approach? Yearning for a gopher-free garden? Check out our collection of treatments, and if it feels right (we believe it will), give us a buzz at Barrier Pest Control. Remember, it’s not just about getting the job done but how it’s done. And we think you’ll love doing business with us!

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