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Every Animal in an Ecosystem Plays an Important Role

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We recently had someone call in worried about a mice problem. This person was specifically worried about mites that may live on mice. While this isn’t much of an issue, it did get me thinking about the various effects pests have, both positive and negative, in and around our homes.

Every animal in an ecosystem plays an important role in sustaining that ecosystem. Pests are no different. In fact, in many cases, pests aren’t even pests at all. Spiders serve an important role in regulating the populations of other harmful bugs. Wasps are important predators and pollinators. Earwigs help carry along the decomposition process. The problem begins when those pests move from the great outdoors and invade the space of our homes.

As they invade our homes, the behaviors that cause them to be pests become more apparent. Spiders leave webs on siding and windows. Wasp nests form in crooks and crannies, and wasps defend what is now “their territory” by stinging. Other bugs run amuck, causing general distress and making our homes look visually unappealing. Mice begin to leave droppings as they enter the home looking for food and warmth. In cases of severe infestation, mice can begin nesting and breeding inside the home itself or bring in disease (such as Hantavirus which is contracted through the breathing in of infected mouse droppings). No matter the animal, behaviors that are innocuous and routine in the wild become aggravating and disruptive when they occur on or in the home.

So then, what is to be done? For the average homeowner, this means doing an annual check of all potential entry points into the home and sealing up anything that a pest could slip in through. It also means being understanding of animal activity outside the immediate vicinity around the home; as discussed before, these pests are doing a great service to their ecosystem. And finally, it means employing a professional pest control company, I would strongly recommend Barrier Pest Control. Whether you need help with sealing up your home or controlling pest populations, we are the premier pest control service in the Valley.

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