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The Difference Between Gophers and Voles

Hello out there in Barrier Pest Control land, its Chris again here to talk about those pesky critters in your yard. Gophers and voles have been a big issue this year. You may ask what is the visual difference between them? Gophers create a mound of dirt and voles make a hole about the size of a silver dollar. What is a silver dollar? It’s money that was used many years ago and is about a 1 ¼ in diameter. I know this because I’m old.

In my opinion, voles are worse than gophers in the valley. A couple of voles can produce 8 to 10 pups every 2 months. Then as they mature they start producing and making holes. A one-time treatment doesn’t typically solve the problem and if you have a large infestation it could take several treatments. When you are mowing your lawn it’s wise to keep a look out for silver dollar size holes and when you see them give us a quick call so we can take care of the issue before it’s out of hand.

Gophers are easier to notice because they have a mound around their opening. They move around a lot so you can see several mounds with one gopher. You may have several gophers if you have many mounds in your yard. Depending on the environment around you may need monthly treatments to keep them out of your grass and garden. Someone in a subdivision may not have as big a problem as someone in farmland.

Give us a call to come take a look for you. We can give you pricing on the spot. If it’s easier we’re happy to do Facetime. We are always here for your pest control needs.

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