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Rodents And Spiders Are Seeking Warmth

As the weather continues to get colder, days get shorter, and winter sets in, most things like to move inside. We humans like spending time in doors where we are warm. In the event that we do go outside, we make sure to bundle up as to experience as little of the cold weather as possible. Likewise, animals and especially pests like to work their way inside also. This time of years brings in lots of reports of mice and spiders making themselves a little too comfortable in our warm homes.

However, some creatures don’t work their way inside, at least not in the way that we think about it. There are two relatively abundant pests that work their way further and further “inside” their homes: voles and gophers. Both of these rodents are burrowers. So, as the weather gets colder and the ground freezes deeper and deeper, they are pushed further into their burrows. And though this does limit the amount of activity that takes place, it in no way eliminates it. In many ways, gophers and voles continue living their normal lives undisturbed by the cold, except of course for the extra depth with which they must establish their burrows.

For the duration of the winter, unless it has snowed. Gopher and vole activity becomes much more obvious. Vole runs that had been previously unseen become more obvious without any new growth. Likewise, dirt from gopher mounds stands out a little more against the frosty lawn. While this newly seen activity may be disheartening, it is in fact a major tool for Pest Management professionals. Aggressively treating for gophers and voles throughout the winter, when there is no new vegetation growth, can limit the growth of populations on and around the property leading to significantly fewer issue come Spring.

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