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Why Do I Have Ant Problems Every Spring?

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Spring in Idaho is a fantastic thing. Few places in the world have a season that is so finicky from week to week, day to day, and even hour to hour. For most of March this year, we received a taste of what is to come — warm weather, sunny days, and fun times. Like many of you, I started working on big projects around the outside of the house, and then, like Spring in Idaho always does, the weather spun on a dime. Following a few weeks of warmth and sun has come cold and rain, and even snow at times, driving me back inside away from doing the projects that I need to get done around my house.

The Sudden Appearance of Ants

Along with the warm weather came the beginning of the annual life cycle of bugs in Idaho. One of the pests we have frequently heard about early in the season is ants. During the winter, ants, like other insects, go into a dormant state when the weather is cold, and food becomes scarce. Winter sightings occur, but those typically occur in places where warmth and food are abundant (i.e., inside your house) and are relatively infrequent. As the weather warms and food begins to become readily available, previously dormant ants begin to emerge back into the world. This can make it feel like they suddenly appear out of nowhere, and they can appear in what might seem odd places as they are looking for any source of food they can find (one customer complained of having them in a bed with linens that had been freshly washed). Additionally, Spring is mating season. Winged ants emerge as they seek to keep their colonies alive and robust, making ant sightings more frequent.

Skilled Pest Control in Idaho

The question remains, as always, what to do when this problem arises every season, and what to do to prevent further issues? Barrier Pest Control’s Quarterly Pest Control plan includes treating ants in and on your home. So, if you are not already a customer, go ahead and sign up for a plan. We will help solve your ant problem and educate you to help prevent further ant issues. Beyond that, you’ll be able to take advantage of our guarantee that allows for you to have as many treatments as necessary to solve the problem. Call us today!

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