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Changing Seasons – Spring is Coming

Spring Treatments

box elder bug

We are changing over from winter to spring treatments this week and just in time too, although we have had quite a few cold and windy days it is warming up just enough for the spring pests to start to emerge.  We have started getting reports from customers living in neighborhoods full of mature trees that the elm seed bugs and boxelder bugs are beginning to sneak in.

Bugs and Pests

Elm Seed bugs and Boxelder bugs are very similar, they live in trees that have seed pods (Elm, boxelder, ash, and maple).  They are black or dark brown beetles with red or orange markings.  While neither bug poses a danger to people they are a nuisance.  Depending on their food source they can breed up to three times a year making them a pest that you may battle with for most of the year.  These pests gather in groups on the sunny sides of homes and garages where they sun themselves all day, if they are left untreated they can discolor the home and frequently find their way inside through doors, windows, ceiling lights, outdoor faucets, soffits, and dryer vents and along the siding of the home.


Although these pests are not harmful no one wants these guys in their beds or crawling on them when they are sitting on the couch enjoying a show or even in your kitchen when you’re trying to make dinner.  These guys can live 3-5 years so if the problem is left untreated it is inevitable that there will be an infestation that will fester and grow over time.  While you may be tempted to chop down your trees your neighbors may not be as excited to do so.  This leaves pest control as the most cost-effective and easiest solution.  Protect your home by setting up regular pest control treatments.  Call Barrier Pest Control at 208-463-4533 for a free quote today and get a treatment down before the bugs start to overwhelm your home.

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