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Spring Is Coming And So Are The Pests

Who is this Punxsutawney Phil guy anyway?

For years, we have eagerly anticipated the emerging groundhog to predict when spring will start. But let’s face it, Phil isn’t the most reliable guy. In fact, it’s been said he’s only 40% accurate in his weather predictions. But one thing is for sure. Spring will happen, and when it does, more than old Phil will be popping out!

With Spring comes an abundance of insects and small animals. It’s ol’ Mother Nature’s way of procuring the abundance of life. Unfortunately, some of that life we as humans don’t seem to appreciate as much. For instance, take flies. If you’re like me, I welcome that first cold snap in the fall simply for one reason….it kills the flies! Those horrible buzzing, filthy flies that find ways into your home you didn’t know even existed! But once Spring decides that Winter has lasted long enough, those little pests start appearing. Granted, it’s slow at first. One, here or there. You really don’t even notice it’s happening. But then there’s an earwig in the shower, just lounging alongside the shampoo bottle. And the ant trail starts emerging from that tiny crack by the cat dish. Why?? You thought they all died off in the Winter, didn’t you? Well, that’s a myth. In fact, the majority of insects go into a state similar to hibernation called Diapause. Much like a bear, their body slows down, and they become less active. Many of them will burrow down under the surface, and we don’t see them throughout the colder months. But when outside temperatures rise, so does their body temperature. Before we know it, they start waking up, they’re hungry and ready to start into the dating world of bugs… ( that’s where Mother Nature comes in! ), and then populations begin to multiply quickly!

Quarterly Treatment

At Barrier Pest Control, we offer home and yard protection that works year-round when applied Quarterly. In fact, did you know that winter is one of the most important times to apply pest treatment? Having your home and yard treated in the winter ensures that when Spring time temperatures warm up, and insects start emerging out of their hiding, they’ll come in contact and will die before they re-populate and create multitudes of other pests. So no matter if you’re in Boise, or the surrounding Treasure Valley or Magic Valley areas, we can help stop bugs where they crawl! Give us a call today at 208-463-4533, and our qualified technicians will be ready to help!

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