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ANTs are a GiANT Problem in the Treasure Valley

ant pest control

ANTs are a giANT problem in the valley.  They can come in exorbitANT amounts and are very incessANT.  It’s difficult to be ANTs are a giANT problem in the valley. They can come in exorbitANT amounts and are very incessANT. It’s difficult to be tolerANT of these creatures when they constANTly crawl on counters, furniture, in your sugar bowl, dog food and even your body.

Barrier Pest is vigilANT at getting ahead of ANTs. We understand it’s importANT to rid your house of them for your physical and mental health. ANTs are ignorANT to our tricks which makes them compliANT with our techniques. We actually use them to take out their own colony. We agree-it’s kind of brilliANT.

Unlike Raid our treatments aren’t instANT. I know it’s hard to be tolerANT. But also unlike Raid, our treatments will get rid of the whole colony so they quit coming back constANTly. It might take a few treatments but we’re adamANT about snuffing out the colony that makes life so unpleasANT. This makes our customers jubilANT! We like the longer term solution!

Customers can be our assistANTs in this endeavor by keeping crumbs and spills wiped up and vacuuming/sweeping often. By creating a partnership your home becomes more resistANT.

Do you find ANTs repugnANT? Are they running rampANT in your home? Call Barrier Pest Control at (208) 463-4533! Let us show them what kind of assailANT we can be. Call now! Don’t be reluctANT!

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