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Spiders Are Here!

spider closeupSpiders Have Arrived Early

These pests visit us more often in our dreams than any other pests! Our NIGHTMARES that is! Spiders are credited with this significant role in our lives! Idaho is home to 12 species of spiders, including three of the most dangerous spiders to humans!

The general rule is that spider season in Idaho begins in late summer and through early fall. However, with warmer temperatures recently, homeowners and business owners in and around the Treasure Valley are noticing spiders year-round! Because Idaho is home to three species that can be deadly to humans, it is important to know who these guys are! Especially since they insist on hanging around our homes and businesses more often.


Wolf Spiders

One of the scariest spiders in Idaho if you ask me! Wolf spiders can grow to be large at up to an inch in length and sprint to attack or retreat! The most prominent feature of these tan spiders is the dark lines that run along the top of their bodies. Wolf spiders are hunters and don’t spin webs, so they are always on the move. As a general rule, wolf spiders invade our homes during the summer and fall. However, these guys are being spotted hunting in homes and businesses almost year-round because of warmer temperatures. Wolf spiders are attracted to dark and damp environments. A basement, cellar, pump house, or storage unit can provide the ideal home and hunting grounds. Wolf spiders are not a significant threat to humans, but their size can cause many of us to hurt ourselves trying to escape from one!

Black Widows

We have had more complaints about these guys than any other spider in recent months. The black widow has moved into homes and businesses all over the treasure valley, and they are making their presence known! This is a problem because the black widow is the most venomous spider in Idaho. Black widows weave strong, loose webs to capture their prey. They have combed feet which they use to tear their prey apart! I feel a nightmare coming on for sure! Black widows usually prefer to spin their webs in garages, wood piles, barns, and sheds. It is rare to find them in living areas, but they have been known to build their homes with furniture that isn’t moved around frequently. So watch out if you are visiting grandma and grandpa! Female black widow spiders grow to over half an inch. The males are much smaller.

Black widows are venomous spiders known for biting humans if they feel threatened or disturbed. If you are bitten, the pain can be intense within minutes, and you should seek medical care. The venom gradually spreads throughout the body and results in cramping, partial paralysis, nausea, headache, fever, and breathing problems. No wonder we see them in our nightmares!


Hobo Spiders

Last but not least, the hobo spider is our third, most venomous spider native to Idaho. These guys grow to a quarter of an inch to half an inch in size. They are found crawling around the ground. Hobo spiders create cool funnel-shaped webs and feed on other insects around your home. Most humans are bitten when they pick up clothes from the floor or clothing that hasn’t been worn recently and put it on again. This causes the spider to feel threatened and bite you! If a hobo spider bites you, the affected area becomes hard, and blisters will form. After 24 hours, the blisters break down, leaving a slow-to-heal wound behind. ALWAYS seek medical care if a hobo spider has bitten you because tissue damage can occur.

Now that I have filled your mind with raw nightmare material, let me ease your mind! We have options! No one has to face these monsters alone unless they choose to. Barrier Pest Control has over 18 years of experience in and around the Treasure Valley! We know how to help alleviate the risks of sharing your homes and businesses with these scary creatures. With warmer weather in the near future, Barrier Pest Control is offering special rates on our quarterly pest control service plans! When you are covered under one of these plans, we guarantee your home against general pests. Yes, this includes spiders! Give our office a call today and receive your prescription to help stop those nightmares! If not, sleep tight, and don’t let the spiders bite!

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