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Black Widow Spiders

black widow spiderI moved out to my new house in Melba in June of 2021 and the bug pressure was on another level than our previous houses in Nampa. We immediately had issues with ants, spiders, and wasps. The flies came later in July and boy did they come, but that story will need to be told another day! Pavement ant trails were in nearly every room even before we moved in. I am fascinated by ants so I wasn’t nearly as alarmed as was my wife and children. I didn’t want to hear it from my wife so I called my own personal favorite pest control company—Barrier Pest Control. It didn’t take long for the ants to take the bait and instead of hundreds of ants daily in my house, there were only a few. Then thankfully it went from a few to None. That’s how it’s done!

Back to Spiders! It wasn’t spiders in general, it was a constant flow of black widow monsters. They were seriously everywhere! Truthfully they weren’t everywhere, they only made it inside the garage. But on and near the exterior of our brand new home, they were everywhere. My six year old daughter came in and said, “Dad, there’s a black spider in my shoe.” For some reason I didn’t believe her so I reached in with my bare hand to feel or smash the spider inside her shoe. I can’t believe I did that because after this I turned the shoe over and an injured Black Widow Spider fell out. I’m honestly still feeling the heebie-jeebies over that incredibly dumb act.

Pool Takedown

Ahhh fall. The best time of the year. The leaves are changing color the air turns cooler also represents another annual ritual. My least favorite part is the time when we need to take down the above ground pool. I’ve got pictures to prove this. I found at least 7 Black Widow spiders along the outside of the pool structure. Needless to say I got a technician out from Barrier out there the next day. At least I got a break from the pool takedown for 1 more day. But after the spiders were taken care of, I got to continue the fall fun! All is well that ends well.

black widow spider above ground swimming pool

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