I found this black widow spider the other day at a house in Boise. Among the most venomous in the world, the black widow spider is a terror to behold.
Identifiable by their characteristic hourglass on their abdomen, female black widow spiders are the only ones that are venomous. Don’t misunderstand, these spiders are nothing like “black widow” played by Scarlet Johansen in Avengers. They are bad news, and they never, ever, save the world from invading aliens.

Even without seeing the actual spiders, you can identify these arachnids by their messy, irregularly shaped webs.
Take care to remove rubbish, and to keep your lawn and landscape properly maintained in manicured. Avoid attracting flying insects by reducing standing water outside, replacing your exterior lights with yellow light, and reducing odors from pet waste etc. to avoid fly issues.
As always, regular pest control treatments are a must win trying to protect yourself and your family from these spiders.