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Hobo spiders are scary looking

Unraveling The Mystery of the Hobo Spider


It’s the season when we cozy up indoors, sipping on hot drinks, wrapped in fuzzy blankets. But sometimes, it’s not just us humans looking to get comfortable inside. I had an unexpected encounter the other day, and trust me, it left a lasting impression! Yes, it was a hobo spider. And quite a sizable one at that!

The Hobo Spider: Who’s That Crawling in Boise?


Appearance and Misconceptions:

Hobo spiders are frequently mistaken for their distant relative, the brown recluse. While they share some similarities in appearance, it’s essential to differentiate them. Recognizing a hobo spider can be beneficial, especially if you live in the Boise area.

Bites to Beware:

These spiders might appear somewhat benign, but don’t be fooled! Their bites can lead to necrotic lesions in soft tissues. While not all bites result in these reactions, it’s always safer to keep your distance.

Cooling Times – Active Times:

Here’s a fun tidbit! Fall, contrary to popular belief, is prime time for our eight-legged friends. The dropping temperatures mean they can no longer roam freely outdoors. This search for warmth and shelter is what brings them indoors, and occasionally into our living spaces.

Keeping Hobo Spiders At Bay: The Barrier Way!


Tidying Up:

A neat environment is less inviting for these critters. Regularly cleaning around your home, particularly in areas they might consider prime real estate, is a proactive approach.

Landscape Maintenance:

Maintaining your lawn and landscapes not only enhances your home’s beauty but also reduces potential hiding spots for these spiders.

The Role of Pest Control:

While there are multiple ways to tackle spiders, nothing beats the effectiveness and long-term solution provided by a professional. This is where our expertise at Barrier Pest Control comes into play. Our recommended service? The Quarterly Pest Control (QPC). With this service, not only do we offer four scheduled visits a year, but should the need arise, we provide free retreatments between these visits!

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