It seems so unfair that in the winter, when we have energy to go running, we’re scared of breaking our tailbones on the ice. So we put it off until the summer.  Summer comes and we pass out on a neighbor’s lawn a block down the road.  Fine. Back to winter work-outs.

As the weather heats up you might find yourself feeling lazy or lethargic. This is because our warm-blooded bodies require more energy in the heat. Basically, our bodies have to work harder.

Creepy-crawlies like ants, spiders and earwigs are the opposite.  Because they are cold-blooded, they have more energy in the hot summer months. This means they get to run in the summertime and are more likely to make their presence known. No wonder you don’t see overweight spiders and bugs!  BTW, little (prey) creepies in large numbers are like an all-you-can-eat dream-come-true for predator insects and spiders. Which means even more!

If you’re one of our quarterly customers and seeing an increase in insects and bugs ON or IN your home, remember you’re covered by our guarantee!  Don’t wait to call us for a FREE retreat between services!  We’ll come out and stop them from running around!  If that sounds marvelous and you’re not one of our customers, don’t you wait to call us either!  Barrier Pest Control would love to get you on your way to pest free and happy!  In all fairness, if you can’t run around in the summer, we don’t think they should be able to either!