hobo spiderI am not a fan of spiders. I’ll watch a spider all day to make sure it doesn’t hide before I can point it out to my husband so he can get rid of for me. I know to some this sounds ridiculous but it’s a real struggle I’ve lived with my entire life. Occasionally, I’ll try to be brave.

Such as the time I was feeding my horses and found a very large wolf spider. I contemplated letting it live or smashing it with my flip flop. After, some self-motivation and reasoning I decided I’d take care of it so it wouldn’t have babies that would grow up and freak me out. I took off a flip flop and doing my best 1 legged flamingo impression, smashed the heck out of that spider while simultaneously screaming like I was dying. While thinking that was the scariest thing I have done in years, my neighbor came running with his cell phone in hand shouting, “Are you ok? Do I need to call 911?” Being a grown woman, I was a little embarrassed but grateful that in a time of need he would come to my rescue. Then I went into my house and there sat my husband on the couch watching a movie without a care in the world. I asked him if he heard me screaming outside and he said he hadn’t heard anything. When I told him what had happened he just laughed at my fear of spiders.

For some of us arachnophobia is a real fear. I completely understand Little Miss Muffet and her propensity to flea from the spider that crawled up beside her. Luckily, I found Barrier Pest Control and went to work making a living helping others, who, just like me DESPISE spiders! I tell everyone I have the BEST job in the world. I also, don’t have spiders in or on my house anymore. Our technicians are heroes without capes! They give me peace of mind.