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Climbing Spider Bug

If your kiddos are climbing the walls for something to do, we have a fun craft for you! It’s easy to make and you just need a few supplies most moms and kids have laying around the house!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Black construction paper for the body, and 8 pieces cut out for legs (2 pieces)
  • Black yarn (about 3-4 feet)
  • 2 googly eyes
  • Craft glue
  • Tape

That’s all!! Now let’s get started!

First, with the paper placed horizontally in front of you, fold the top right corner of the paper in towards the center and tape into place.

Then take the top left corner and fold into the center and also tape into place.

Next, take the scissors and trim off the bottom two corners to give the spider a rounded bottom.

Then, on the same side that you taped the top corners, attach 4 paper legs to each side, using the tape to fasten into place.

Next, flip your spider over, and glue two googly eyes up on the “head” area.

Once all the pieces are attached, feed the yarn through the two corners that are taped. Each side of the yarn will extend down past the spiders bottom.

Pull the loop up from the mouth area. Once the loop is pulled through, you can hang the spider over a doorknob, positioning the spiders body down towards the bottom of the floor.

Lastly, alternate pulling on each end of the yarn and watch the spider climb all the way to the top!!!

The Climbing Spider is fun for all ages, and even grandma will be impressed with their creativity! It’s a mom-win all the way! This is one spider that’s always welcome in the home!

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