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Winter Treatments

Winter Treatments In Idaho

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Wintertime is cold and brutal to not only humans and animals but pests as well. Pests during the cold months of the year also want to stay warm. Some of the places that they would want to go would be towards a nice warm house or crawlspace. This is usually the last place a homeowner would want them to go through! Although there is a belief out there that the pests all go away once we hit the yearly wintry weather. The pests are still active, but they are looking for the warmest spot they can find to stay until spring.


Pest Control in the Winter

One of the most frequent questions we receive is, “why do we need pest control services when it is super cold outside?” Unfortunately, products do not last forever once they are applied around the home. The products we apply are only labeled to last around three months before they begin to wear off from around the home. If the pests are able and allowed to get back to those areas around or under the home, then it may require even more treatment to get them to go away again. This is why we will always recommend a quarterly program so we can ensure the barrier is going to protect the home from any invading pests! If the barrier is allowed time to wear off even more once the three months is up, then creepy crawlies can move towards those nice warm areas of the home.


This is a big reason people start having an increase in insects once spring comes around. The weather starts to get warmer, and that is when the pests start to repopulate. If you skip a winter treatment, then the barrier around the home has had enough time to wear off enough that it will not be as effective as it should be. In turn, this means the pests that are starting to repopulate are going to have an easier time getting into the home and hanging out around the outside of it. Winter treatments are just as important as any other treatment that we can do to help make sure that your spring season is not a bugger!
– Kendall

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