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Cooling Weather Brings Pests & Rodents Indoors

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It’s the last week of August, and Labor Day is just around the corner, marking the unofficial end of Summer. Kids are returning to school, vacations are wrapping up, and the weather is beginning to cool down (well, at least we hope so). With that, the preparation for Fall and Winter begins. The list of projects to prepare for the changing seasons is often the same – putting the lawn to bed, raking leaves, etc. – but ensuring we have adequate pest control services for our home is often left off. With the weather cooling off and most pests going dormant, it’s easy to think that our homes are no longer in need of regular pest control. But, it is essential to stay vigilant throughout the cooler part of the year.

Throughout Winter, a few pests remain active around our homes and properties. Rodents are a significant group of pests that stick around throughout the winter. Mice are the most common. The cold forces mice to seek warmth and shelter, often in and around homes. Barrier Pest Control’s standard Quarterly Pest Control plan covers the treatment of mice inside the home. However, we also offer an exterior baiting program to limit mouse activity around the home and perform simple exclusion work to help keep mice out of the home. Voles and Gophers are also continually active throughout the Winter. This is an excellent time to get hold of these problems since there is a reduced amount of vegetation.

Besides rodents, although dormant throughout winter, insects are a problem that must be dealt with year-round. Consistent treatment through the winter can help reduce problems come Spring when new pest problems begin to emerge. So this year, as you complete yearly projects to prepare for winter, keep pest control on your list of things to pay attention to.

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