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Once Upon A Time…There Were Mice

I’ve been known to break-out in song, and I’ve always had a secret-not-so-secret desire to be a Disney princess but I am no Cinderella. I hate mice! I’d put Lucifer in the same room as Gus and Jaq and happily shut the door. What Cinderella must not have realized is that her little friend mice were dribbling pee as they ran across the floor. And remember when they were hiding out in that tea cup? I can assure you they were also making mice sized meadow muffins in it. Cinderella certainly wouldn’t have liked them so much had she known these things. No one is that benevolent. Right? How much do you know about mice? Let me share some fun facts with you!

1. Like vampires and cockroaches, mice are nocturnal.

2.  Mice can jump as high as a foot in the air! (In comparison that would put a human into superhero status.)

3.  They can also swim, easily maneuver a tight rope and climb vertical surfaces. Including our homes.

4.  Mice can squeeze through a hole the size of a dime! I can’t even squeeze into a size…never mind.

5.  In Malawi and Zambia it’s common to eat mice for dinner. — My daughter spent some time there and while she ate kapenta and offal (Look them up. I dare you.) she never could bring herself to eat mice.

6. If you see bits of black rice that’s been spilled, DON’T EAT IT!
Remember Cinderella’s tea cup!

7. Mice produce faster than Mormons. In a year’s time a typical house mouse produces
50-60 little mice that can breed at about 6 weeks!

While these sound like incredible little creatures most of us want to keep them in the movies and out of our homes! If you can’t seem to get rid of them (See #7) give us a call at Barrier Pest Control by calling (208) 463-4533! We’ll get our amazing mice slayers out there. And these guys don’t do Disney. They’re the real deal!

Written by Trina of Barrier Pest Control

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