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Please, Flea, flee from me; leave me be.

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No matter the season, fleas can be found year-round, especially if you or your pets enjoy the great outdoors.
Fleas tend to latch on to you by simply brushing by them (they can jump 150 times their body length), and in under two days, they will have fed and bred 50 eggs; this can go on for months, up to around 2000 eggs in a lifetime. Due to the high number of eggs and the survivability of fleas in general, it’s important to have a consistent treatment plan in place.

The cold does not kill flea eggs unless it’s below freezing; every stage in a Flea’s life can survive most of a year and even hatch in the winter, as Fleas will stay tucked away in warm places, like you and your pets beds’, bodies, carpets, and furniture.
Look out for itchy, scratchy, irritated, or infected areas, and remember that treating during the winter protects your home and family once the warm weather springs upon us. You can help increase the effectiveness of reducing flea survivability by vacuuming, cleaning pet areas, and washing suspected infested areas with hot water.

Classic home remedies are widely shared and have been for centuries, and pest control technologies have advanced along with and well beyond simple tricks. The products we use are safer and more effective than ever, and using some classic home remedies can actively cause more problems than you’d anticipate. Suppose you’ve used Diatomaceous Earth(DE). In that case, you will need to have the areas professionally cleaned to remove the DE, as DE draws moisture from the area, and our effective treatment for killing and preventing fleas is a pet & child-safe liquid-based product.

Act fast when you spot signs of Fleas. Call Barrier @ 208-463-4533, and we’ll help the fleas flee.

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