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Pest Prevention Tips

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What can you do to help prevent pests?

Having a regular pest control treatment is not only helpful but necessary when your goal is to keep your home pest free. Licensed technicians will apply products to your home that are safe for your pets and children and regulated for your safety by the Department of Agriculture in your state. These products are thoroughly monitored and regulated so your Pest Control Company can offer you the best treatments. But there are steps you, the homeowner or business owner, can take to ensure you are doing everything possible to prevent pests from entering your home or business.

For instance, let’s discuss your waste removal. For the average homeowner, the trash company will pick up and empty your receptacle once a week. Businesses may vary but average once a week as well. Many pests are drawn to dumpsters and trash cans for various reasons. Food is probably number one as it is plentiful. Everything from flies, rats, mice, raccoons, and more, many of which carry diseases, take advantage of the buffet of foods that they can access on a daily/high occurrence. Once the habit is established, they can find food here regularly and gather more, and it becomes not only a feeding source but a breeding ground for everything mentioned. Populations then begin to multiply very quickly, and infestations start.

How can you help? First off, let’s look at the receptacle. Do the lids shut securely on trash cans and dumpsters? Are there any areas of rust that allow refuse and leakage onto the surrounding ground? If your receptacle needs to be replaced, you can request a new one from your waste removal company. Keeping your waste secure is an excellent step in reducing pests around your home or business. Prevention methods can help immensely as well. For mice or rats, you could place bait stations around the exterior area where the receptacles are placed. Industrial fly lights labeled for external use can greatly relieve and reduce fly populations.

Next, let’s look at your yard situation. Do you have dogs? Currently, around 70% of Americans are dog owners… that’s a lot of dog waste. Do you pick up after your dog daily? If not, you will have an increase in flies! Flies feed on everything from carrion to dog poop and more. Picking up after your dog regularly will reduce the flies, and your pest control technician will also thank you.

You can do many things to help prevent pests, including an exclusion for mice around your home, replacing screens, preventative stations, foliage & landscape choices, and so on. Our technicians at Barrier Pest Control will help you navigate the list so we can help you obtain a pest-free home. For pest control needs in Boise or surrounding areas, give us a call today!

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