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The Mice are Coming!

The Mice are Coming!

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Well, the seasons are finally changing.  As we had earlier in the year with a prolonged Spring, it felt like a long Summer until relatively recently. Instead of a normal gradual transition from one season to the next, there was an abrupt change.

The transition from Spring to Summer this year was very much the same, and its effect on the insect world was immense. Instead of a slow build-up toward larger and larger pest populations as the weather warmed, there was a sharp increase in pests. Therefore, there will likely be a similar phenomenon; an abrupt decrease in pest population coupled with an increased incursion of pests into the home. The key to preventing additional incursions with Autumn’s inevitable warming and cooling is to have your home protected by Barrier Pest Control’s “Quarterly Pest Control” Plan.


Mice are a particularly persistent pest this time of year. Unlike invertebrate pests, like spiders and insects, mice populations neither die off nor go dormant through the winter. Instead, they still seek shelter, warmth, and food — three things that are readily available inside homes and businesses. Interior mouse treatments are covered under the standard Quarterly Pest Control Plan; however, additional options are needed to help prevent the reintroduction of mouse problems. The first is a simple baiting program; for an additional cost, we can add station(s) around the home to control exterior mouse populations. Smaller populations of mice are less likely to try and invade our homes. The second is to have a technician perform an exclusion service; small holes are easy access points for mice in a home. You can prevent mice from entering the home by sealing these holes with the proper materials. Although we can seal up some access points, we cannot seal up everything. The third and best option is to combine the first two; have bait stations installed and have an exclusion service completed. This gives you the best opportunity to prevent a mouse invasion.


So call today to help get your home protected for the Winter Season!

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