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The Importance of Pesticides

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“History repeats itself“ is a phrase I remember hearing in what we called Social Studies, back in my school years. I recall seeing pictures in history books of the Great Depression, and even remember my grandmother telling stories of growing up through such a tough time period. Memories of her family trying to make ends meet to feed a family of 12. Money was tight, groceries were limited.

In a day and age where food is just a drive-thu away, it’s easy to take for granted where it truly comes from. Farmers and ranchers play an integral part of our food supply. Take into consideration all that goes into it, from start to finish. It’s a delicate system that enables you and I to be able to simply walk into any grocery store for a bag of potatoes or rack of ribs. But if you’re on any social media platform, or watch any of the several news stations on television, you’ve heard the media urging consumers to stock up and stock up now! Why? Many reasons. One is the cost of fuel prices negatively effecting the truckers. Many can no longer afford to run their trucks and farmers can’t afford to run their tractors and equipment. If the farmers can’t get the products they need for their crops, such as pesticides, it creates a huge consequence! Although it appears to be such a small insignificant factor, it can have an enormous impact.

All farmers, even those who grow organic, use pesticides. Without them, it’s said that more than 50% of crops would be lost to diseases and pests. With over 10,000 species of pests that destroy plants & crops, it’s a necessity to apply pesticides in order to grow crops that not only produce, but produce in large enough quantities that it can supply large areas. Imagine what it would do to our grocery cost and availability of fresh fruits, vegetables and even meat! In fact, we are already seeing just the beginning of it…empty shelves and rising costs are hitting close to home for many families. But farming’s not the only reasons we need pesticides. We are used to hearing about the use of them for pest control, but other types are used to control germs and microbes (bacteria and viruses), and others control mildew and mold.

No matter the use or purpose, society will always need pesticides. They play a key part in many aspects of our day to day life. As for Barrier Pest Control, we strive to provide 5-Star service to the Treasure Valley for a variety of pest issues. We hope to serve you too!

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