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Pantry Pests and How to Deal With Them


Uh Oh! It looks like that snack you were planning on making has lost its appeal, when you went to open that package you found a bug! It doesn’t matter what you opened; flour, cereal, grains, rice (these bugs aren’t picky) they’ve infiltrated EVERYTHING!!!

While these “pantry pests” moths, weevils, and small beetles aren’t dangerous, no one wants bugs mixed in with those chocolate chip cookies.

If you’ve noticed a bug or two hanging out in your kitchen or pantry, or in an unsealed container, it might be time to investigate. While it may just be a hungry critter looking for food, it could also be an early sign of a pantry pest infestation- and don’t worry! It can happen to the cleanest of homes and kitchens.

While inspecting for these pests it pays to be thorough. If you come across one of these pantry pests, check the packages stored nearby for other friends of your stowaway. If nothing is found, it could mean you’re in the clear and this was just an isolated incident, however it is always a good idea to throw out contaminated foods and make sure everything is packaged in sealed containers.

Yikes! What if you have a worse infestation than you thought? It just means you’ll have to take some more steps to thoroughly deal with the problem and prevent further damage. First, start by getting rid go the contaminated food, and make sure the replacements are stored in sealed, airtight containers. Then, when everything is cleared out of the pantry or contaminated room, begin vacuuming and sweeping out the room and shelves. Wipe down all your surfaces with a damp rag or some soapy water. (Make sure to avoid bleach and other cleaners that shouldn’t be mixed with food).

After your pantry is all clean, a professional can come help treat the pantry and kitchen areas to help prevent other pests and surprise returns from those pesky critters. Once there is a fresh start and a cleaned, treated food storage, make sure to keep those packages and other foods in sealed containers.

It helps to know that while you’re enjoying your newly cleaned pantry you don’t have to worry about any extra houseguests.

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