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How Sentricon Termiticide Works


The Unseen Battle: Termites in the Treasure Valley

For many Treasure Valley residents, termites sound like creatures from a mythical realm. But, spoiler alert: they’re not. They’ve been a hidden part of our environment for quite some time now. Many homeowners are caught off guard discovering termite-inflicted damage during renovations. With limited local treatment options, most people often resort to pricier national brands. Enter Barrier Pest Control and the revolutionary Sentricon termite baiting system.

  • The Myth of Termites in the Valley

Despite their stealthy nature, termites in Treasure Valley are not fairy tale creatures. Their penchant for staying underground and specific emerging conditions often makes them an overlooked threat.

  • Termites: Not a Bedtime Story

Our beloved Valley has subterranean termites that often stay hidden until the damage is substantial. During home revamps or termite inspections for mortgages, homeowners are left slack-jawed, realizing the magnitude of the issue.

  • National Brands: Quality with a Cost

Though effective, treatment options from national brands come with a heavy price tag. The good news? Barrier Pest Control offers a potent yet pocket-friendly alternative.

Introducing Sentricon: The Termite Knight

Over three years ago, Barrier Pest Control teamed up with Sentricon, bringing in an advanced termite baiting system. Our affiliation with Sentricon and our certification from the Idaho Department of Agriculture uniquely position us to address termite challenges in the region.

How Does Sentricon Work?

  • Double Whammy Approach: The system exterminates existing termite colonies and prevents future infestations.
  • Installation: Bait stations are meticulously placed around the home’s perimeter, with an added focus on active termite zones.
  • The Bait Strategy: Each station is filled with a cellulose-based product with a termiticide, which termites mistake for their natural food. Over time, as termites forage, the bait finds its way back to the colony, eventually eliminating the queen.
  • Long-Term Defense: These bait stations remain underground once installed, acting as sentinels against further termite incursions.

Why Choose Barrier Pest Control?

At Barrier, we don’t just talk; we act. Our commitment to superior service and treatment quality isn’t a sales gimmick. It’s a promise.

  • Always Reachable: Call us during working hours, and we’ll answer. It’s as straightforward as that.
  • Respect for Your Time: We value punctuality and are always transparent about scheduling.
  • Professionalism You Can Trust: Barrier Pest Control’s licensing, insurance, and rigorous training make us the best in the business. Plus, we’re clean, tidy, and respectful of your space.

Wondering about termites? Let us do an inspection and enlighten you about these real-life elusive creatures.

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