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The Difference Between Paper Wasps, Hornets & Yellow Jackets

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Buzz Off! Navigating the World of Stinging Insects

Hello, summer enthusiasts! 🌞 As we gear up for those delightful BBQ parties and delightful hours in our gardens, let’s not forget about those winged “friends” who sometimes join the party uninvited. I’m talking about our flying foes: Wasps, Hornets, and Yellow-Jackets.

Meet the Stingers

Before jumping into our safety gear, let’s get to know these critters better. Trust me, it’s helpful (and not just trivia for your next BBQ!).

Paper Wasps

Ever seen those papery nests hanging under eaves or in your mailbox? Say hello to Paper Wasps. They’re the ones our dear customers often report, and honestly, they’re hard to miss. They:

– Build those characteristic open paper nests, which can vary in size.

– Feast not just on nectar but also on other insects.

– Have a no-holds-barred attitude and aren’t shy about chasing you down.

Bald-Faced Hornets

Recognizable by their majestic black bodies and contrasting white faces, these are the rulers of the insect kingdom.

– Construct large aerial nests, usually attached to trees, but homes aren’t off-limits.

– Have a varied diet of other insects, pollen, and proteins similar to Yellow-Jackets.

– Their nests? All are enclosed with a single gateway in and out.


With their striking black and yellow stripes, they are a robust bunch.

– Prefer making homes in protected spots – think hollow trees or old rodent burrows.

– Their nests are seasonal wonders. Every year? A brand-new abode, thanks to the queen.

– Beware! They’re feisty and not scared to throw a sting or two (or more).

Don’t DIY, Call the Pros!

While these stinging creatures might seem fascinating (from afar), remember they’re not ones to mess with. We often hear brave tales of folks trying to handle these on their own. Our advice? Leave the heroics for the movies.

Our team is suited up and equipped to handle these buzzing challenges. You can be assured of an efficient and safe solution with our committed standards and high-quality service. Whether you’re from Payette or Mountain Home, our wings (or, rather, vans) span across the Treasure Valley and more.

Why Choose Barrier Pest Control?

Our promise isn’t just words; it’s our commitment:

  • Always Available: Call during business hours, and we’ll answer. Promise.
  • Punctuality is Key: We value your time and ensure we stick to our appointments.
  • No Hidden Surprises: You’re always in the loop with our services and prices.
  • Safety First: Our treatments are safe, and our technicians are licensed, insured, and trained.
  • Clean and Efficient: Expect a tidy, professional service every single time.

With our Quarterly Pest Control service, you can bid adieu to these winged nuisances and ensure they don’t return. Remember, with Barrier, it’s not about a single service; it’s about a lasting relationship defined by results and trust.

Stay safe, and remember, the next time a wasp makes a “bee” line for you, it’s time to buzz Barrier Pest Control! 🐝

Trust in the expertise of Barrier Pest Control for effective, long-term results. We’re here to ensure your summer stays sunny and sting-free! 🌞🌼

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