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Spending Time Outdoors with Friends, Family and Wasps

wasp pest controlThe sun is shining, and the temperatures are rising! Summer is upon us, and more people are enjoying the outdoors with family, friends, and pets! Who doesn’t want a cookout with fantastic food?

At Barrier Pest Control, we are your guardians against outdoor pests who promise to take over your fun. Among the stinging pests, Paper Wasps are one of the most common insects committed to making your home their home! Paper wasps are determined to rain on our outdoor activities but are easily identified by their yellow and black stripes. They differ from their cousins, Yellow Jackets because their bodies are more slender and narrow near their “waists.” A Paper Wasp’s nest is found above ground, shaped like an umbrella, and has a honeycomb-like appearance.

Did you know that we can actually “invite” these pests into our homes and yards? Paper Wasps feed on other insects and nectar from plants and food and water sources that may be available directly because of our actions. The more types of food and accessible water you have in your yard, the more wasps you will have! Sources may include leftover BBQ scraps, other pests, leaky spigots or hoses, and even puddled rainwater.

Paper wasps are “creatures of habit,” returning year after year to the same nesting place! Store-bought products only give a temporary fix, as these wasps will return and rebuild within 30 days or less. So, what can we do to help decrease your risks of having them crash your outdoor parties? The best way is to have consistent treatments. A scheduled service will help reduce the insect population in your yard and minimize the food source for Paper Wasps.

At Barrier, we combine a treatment plan and education for customers to be well-armed in their battle against pests like Paper Wasps. We can help eliminate a current population and keep them away for good! Get in touch with us today to ensure that the only “sting” at your BBQ is from the hot sauce!

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