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Stingers, Buzzers, and Swarmers! OH MY!

Finally! The days are warming up, and we are entering our outdoor spaces. Whether the kids are jumping on the trampoline, swimming in the pool, gardening or even just trying to mow the lawn, stinging insects can make your yard a nightmare. Stinging insects that are commonly found in and around your homes can include Honey Bees, Paper Wasps, Hornets, Yellow Jackets, Mud Daubers, and Solitary Digger Wasps.


While Honey Bees are federally protected, and we cannot treat them specifically. They aren’t overly aggressive and will typically leave you alone if you leave them alone.

Mud Daubers:

Mud daubers build small nests made of mud called cells. However, they are non-aggressive and do not usually sting unless they are mishandled.

Solitary Digger Wasps:

Solitary Digger Wasps are also non-aggressive and rarely sting. If you find any of these insects in your yard, there is no cause for concern.


On the other hand, paper wasps have a bad habit of building nests on the sunny side of the home. While they are typically not very aggressive, they will attack if threatened. Treating and removing any nests in an area of the yard you use or travel through will make your yard more enjoyable.

Yellow Jackets:

Yellow Jackets are aggressive and will swarm if they feel threatened. They like to build their nests in trees and underground. While nests high up in trees may not be a big deal, ground nests account for many Yellow Jacket swarms. Simply mowing your lawn causes vibrations in the ground that disturb Yellow Jackets, sending them out to defend their home. 


Hornets also like to build their nests in trees but will also choose to build high up on the home.  Stay far from these nests; they will swarm if they feel you are any kind of threat to them, and they take guarding their home seriously. Hornets release more venom per sting than any other stinging insect; this makes their sting very painful.

What can you do?

While Barriers Quarterly Pest Control Plan will take care of all of the visible and accessible wasp nests at no additional cost, those nests high up in the trees and underground nests require more attention and work to remove, so a visit from our technician is essential in getting a quote and a game plan for removal. If you are having any issues with stinging insects, call Barrier Pest Control today so you can start enjoying your time outside again.

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